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if i slip away

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nessa. 21. lives in finland. has too much free time. likes to read h/d until her eyes bleed.

There's too many things I'm obsessed with to list(life? someone ate the thing, but it was ages ago so I don't remember who it was :/), but my interests will probably give you a clue :). I spend my time reading, watching movies, taking photographs, feeling anxious and making graphics, among other things. I also own a "cat" -- or a monster in disguise :>.

This is my personal journal and like me, it's pretty random. It's also f-locked, mostly because I'm paranoid :>. My English isn't perfect or even close to it but if you don't mind it much and would like to friend me for some reason, you can do so -- I love making new friends :). Just drop me a comment here and I will add you back.

my graphics community is valax

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